About Trichy and Florists List Near Trichy

zinnia-largeSome florists list near by to trichy are:

ArenaFlowers/Trichy at:  classic tower, 4, MS Mani Rd, Thillai Nagar, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu 620018

MrsFlorist.co.in/Trichy at:  S.V.V. Complex, Near Frontline Hospital, Chinthamani Bazaar, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu 620002


Trichy- One City, Many Names!

A city with many names is what Trichy can be best described as. This city is also known by the names of Tiruchirappali or Trichinopoly or more famously and simply Trichy. One thing that is probably the most interesting thing about this place is the fact that it s the 2nd cleanest city in the whole of India, hence putting the big metros of the country to shame in terms of cleanliness and sanitation.

The history of Trichy

It is known that Trichy was one of the oldest settlements in Tamil Nadu if not India and as per records, the earliest settlers of Trichy were in the 2nd millennium. It has also seen rulers of many dynasties and kings. But it must be said that this carnatic city wade off the British till the year 1801 when it was finally annexed by them. One of the notable things that paved the way for the future of the city was the introduction of the South Indian Railway Corporation in the year 1874.

The Present of Trichy

There is no doubt the city has reached the pinnacle of development in the last decade and one of the factors here has been the culture of the city. If you go around Trichy now, you will see unending roads, the hub of the southern railways and many more. In terms of education, you will find two of the premier educational institution in Indian Institute of Management and Indian Institution of Technology. In terms of business, they have been in the forefront to many successful businesses including the most recent flower business. They have made the delivery system of flowers to their intended destinations even easier than it ever was. Moreover the international airport of the city caters to South East Asian countries extensively which makes the trade between countries even better.


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