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One of the oldest in India. We have received lot of reviews request about its Delhi Branches, so we included FNP.in reviews here to make other read about this company and write about this company.


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Roses Were Pathetic!

Jul 25, 2016 by Saumya

I ordered one rose bouquet after hearing many good things about fernsnpetals. I expected a flawless delivery, but what I got after spending more than Rs.900 is utter garbage! The roses are so stale and bad they are on the verge of stinking. I sent the image to their customer care, but they blamed me instead by saying that I fabricated the images! How convenient!

However, not all the sites are so useless. I recently came across a site named flaberry.com. They have a vast array of products, and seeing that I ordered from them. It was an amazing experience for me. Hope they don't screw up in the future like fnp did!

Appalling service, bad quality cakes

Jan 04, 2015 by Avneesh

Ordered cake for my family as New Years surprise. Bullshit service. Rubbish cake. Totally ruined the new year. Never going to use this website again. Cake was not delivered on time. While cutting the cake it was totally dry. Looks like it has not been made fresh. The pieces break before even putting it on plate. Stale cake. Fnp customer service don't take any responsibility. Not recommended at all.

Aug 08, 2014 by kiran sharma

What got delivered was no where near to picture shown.
u guys are real fraud. and cheat, will share the pathetic comments every where.

i ordered a combo from fnp online, and what got delivered were sad dry flowers and smelly sweets. these were mentioned in the picture of the combo.
and after what i payed was a huge amount for this. they spoiled the whole occasion n wasted my money and time. i warn people not to use there online system its pathetic.
the flowers were very having ants walking in and not of good quality..

upload the pics of flowers n so called sweets i got for 1500 rs..


Jun 12, 2014 by debjani

I have ordered one 1kg chocolate Truffle Cake for my brother on his birthday at 30th of May 2014, but they send simple chocolate cake.If they don't have any designs then why they ask the cake name? They should ask plain sponge cake or plain chocolate cake we want,i don"t know price differences.they have not mentioned about that.may be plain chocolate cake is cheaper than chocolate truffle cake,thats why they delived that plain one.who is going to see which one they are delivered.But now science is gone far to ahead.we can see now what they have delivered.

Irresponsible .... Careless ... Terrible people !!

Jun 08, 2014 by Zubin Shandilya

I have tried using FNP for sending bouquets on 3 occasions. And they have literally messed up things for me everytime. While making the order on phone, I mentioned that I needed the delivery to be anonymous atleast 5-10 times. This is probably the most basic instruction that anyone can give. They agree to you on the call, as if they have understood everything.

And during delivery, what do they do?

They wrote my name on the bouquet slip. I have landed into some sort of trouble because of them.

Their products are plain-expensive. A bouquet of 10 roses costs around 650, and if you make it 12 they charge 100 extra.

I have just quoted one experience. They have messed up with simple instructions on every other occasion as well.

It’s just so disappointing, and terrible that you pay so heavily to these people for a bunch of flowers(priced excessively high) in hope that they deliver at midnight, or with some other instruction, only for these careless and lousy people to mess it all up for you.

I’m never going to use their services ever again, and highly advise you to do the same.

I’d literally deliver bouquets for my friends at midnight, but won’t let them use F&P.

Because they just want to lure money from you, and don’t care about customer satisfaction.

Stay away from these people. Learn from my experiences, and DON’T EVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM FERNS & PETALS.

Very worst Quality

May 21, 2014 by VineelaBarathan

Waste of time and money if you book bouquet or cakes from them. They dont respond at all. Atleast people should know that they wont give quality service.
I have ordered for Boquet for my Husband on our first anniversary and the boquet what i booked was different from wat I got .It wont even worth 100 INR. I ended up paying 400 for it .

Guys dont buy there , U will be cheated for sure.


Feb 15, 2014 by Doc Sneha

Wasted my time my money and my mood by trusting these people. dont deliver at time. never deliver at time and delivery is also not complete. useless company uncooperative and unbehaved people. I spoiled my day by trustin on these people. they don have manners to talk to people. specially to girls. unbehaved people. never never never book an order from them. if u dont wanna spoil ur mood and ur day then never ever go for them. ridculous people.

Service absolutely stinks!

Feb 07, 2014 by Sirisha

They dont commit deadlines - one.

Even if we order 1 week in advance they cannot make it on the requested date.

When we call customer care and they take forever. They have been asking me to call back in 1 hour for two days now.

Every time they say the same thing again, call back in 1hour. If you want to deliver plants to someone and you dont care even if it is delivered after a year, then I would recommend this website.

Poor service

Dec 05, 2013 by Tanmana Rath

FnP just make promises without knowing the meaning of the same. Knowing their capability in the service, they are smart and do not have any contact number on their website either. All one has is the stupid call centre number of the email id.

With lot of difficulty I managed to get hold of somebody's number who puut me on to so called customer service person , who made big promises which has not been fulfilled. its been a month now.

It is not a big amount, but it shows their attitude towards customers. Even after so many follow ups, they still reply back 'shortly. They dont even understand English as shortly does not mean indefinite period................

just a big name!poor poor poor in terms of service

May 13, 2013 by Donald

Irrespective of how attractive their flowers look, never trust their services. It is highly likely that your product doesn?t reach in time. In addition to that, they will ask you to pay them extra because the location is far from their outlet. As if that wasn?t enough, they wont message you informing the same and when you look at the order status, it will read,"processing". Even that doesn?t put a full stop to your misery. you will keep calling their customer care some 6-7 times in a day but no one will respond. Highly unprofessional!

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