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One of the oldest in India. We have received lot of reviews request about its Delhi Branches, so we included FNP.in reviews here to make other read about this company and write about this company.


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May 13, 2013 by Pritpal

Ordered a Lily bouquet from their website 3 days in advance, paid Rs2800/- . Got tiny Lily buds. I was so embarrassed when the person i sent the bouquet to told me about it. I complained on their website and offered to send them a picture of the bouquet. No-one got back to me. A month later i paid Rs 500 for a gorgeous bouquet of lillies from a local florist. Will never buy from Ferns & Petals again.

No ferns and no Petals

May 13, 2013 by Sam

Hi All,
I am writing this out of frustation on ?The Mother?s Day? i.e 12th May where I thought of surprising my mother with a bouque of fresh flowers as promised by ?Ferns and Petals?, but to my surprise I was was surprised rather dissappointed with them for not delivering the flowers on Mother?s day althogh I had ordered one day in advance with full payment of Rs 799 .I tried calling customer care and got no response , in addition to this the number was also not toll-free and I ended up losing my balance while waiting to talk to a customer care executive.

Impressed with Ferns N Petals

Apr 04, 2013 by Jitender Gyani

I am really impressed with Ferns N Petals! In a time when customer service is poor, and you have to fight to get what you paid for, FNP has restored my faith in customer courtesy and satisfaction!

FnP needs to learn how to provide customer service

Jan 16, 2013 by Vertica

I have been FnP customer since last couple of years. In these years, while the deliveries were well timed (so I gave them 1 star), the flower bouquets, cakes, and vases were nowhere as close as stated in the product description or as shown in the picture. Besides, everything and especially the vases were super overpriced (I made a trip to check how much that vase would cost, I found exact same vase in a local shop at a fraction of priceā€¦..really)!
My most recent order was the most frustrating experience. I got absolute zero customer service. I am in a different time zone and it was 2 am and I was trying to make sense of what was happening with my order. I spoke to 3 different agents and none of them helped me. For every question, they had same answer: 'due to technical fault, blah blah blah happened'. I got frustrated and asked if I could talk to the manager- guess what, I was told there is no manager. Another agent told that manager is in a meeting. I asked for any contact number/email of manager- no answer!

I strongly recommend you to look for any other service provider where you could perhaps spend the same $$$$ but atleast have peace of mind! That can never be true for FnP.

Bad service

Dec 07, 2012 by Upasha

Worst experience guyz!! I used fnp and didnt like the service..

Thank you Ferns N Petals

Dec 07, 2012 by Ananya

I ordered a bunch of Lilies for my best friend. She was so happy to receive the beautiful bunch...but cake was not good . ...

Crap Service - Bull ****

Oct 28, 2012 by As

I definitely want to make the best use of this space to vent out my frustration of bloody FNP spoiling a birthday surprise that I had planned for my friend. For those who plan on shopping @ FNP If the thought even crossed your mind to buy something for your someone special, then please hold your thoughts. This site is not even worth of gifting something to your enemies because it may not even reach them.
1. FNP is over priced
2. FNP charges extra to make a delivery at a fixed time. (Bullshit. Delivery of my order was rescheduled thrice. I had to then cancel my order)
3. The claim of technical difficulties at different location but the FNP Customer care is never aware of it until a customer makes them several calls.
4. It finally spoils all the mood and you blame yourself for choosing FNP For FNP Patrons, If you think that FNP is the best, then based on all the bad experiences.

Ferns and petals bad service

Jul 12, 2012 by Rekha Bora

I have placed on order with "ferns and petals" for rakhi gift worth 449 rs. Order no - 701121179 on 12.07.2012 for delivery on 17.07.2012 . I was needed this delivery by 17/07/2012, because the person who supposed to be receive this order was leaving the place on 18th morning. This was very special and the company has been very irresponsible and spoiled my day. I have been calling the whole day from 17th to this present time only to be connected , who put me on hold for as long as possible. I have wasted around 50rs. On these useless phone calls itself. They told, this a courier product so the delivery will be be late, at least they should mention this thing, while taking the order. This is the worst online service I have ever seen.When I asked them to cancel this order, they are not ready for that also I really hope this forum does something about this.

Ferns n petals big thugs

Jul 01, 2012 by Rashmi

One of the worst experiences. My order no 701143581 was to be delivered on 31st july 2012 but to my surprise it was not delivered and after waiting for almost 45 mins (I was calling from dubai) on their no 9212422000 to my utter disbelief I was told that as per their records I had changed the delivery date from 31st to ist. Aug. After lot of heated discussion when I asked them if they have a proof they had no reply upon asking if it was changed then why they DID not send me a mail confirming the change then also they DID not have a response. Now even today also this has not been delivered. Tese guy are just stupids of the ist order and only fleecing the people. They are lucky to survive in india environment.Had they been anywhere outside then they would have been ruined

FNP are a big farce on their online portal.... nev

Jun 10, 2012 by Daffolis

I sent my mother a lovely combo for her 70th Birthday....a bouquet along with a half kg cake for Rs.1200.
Then I just spoke to my mother ..... these guys had sent a small bouquet .......... A very small bouquet......I was aware of the size of the cake( 1/2 kg) but even last time they sent a lousy bouquet and then apologised ... but did not do anything about it.. This time again they cheated... i made sure I will put a review for them

Such a farce.... Very disgusting.... I wanted them to make the occasion special for my family... As I am not complaining for refund.... But I would have thought they could have made special occasions more special with their flowers.... My God what will happen to their reputation if they continue to cheat....

they should be taken to Consumer Court for sure...

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