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Company Note: Flaberry creates find gifts for any occasion that is meant to be celebrated. Unique flower arrangements and bouquets, cakes, cupcakes, and chocolate bouquets. Recently launched is our puppy collection. Flower arrangement design to look like your favorite puppy will delight anyone on your giving list. We take orders online, deliver to your destination, and guarantee on-time deliveries. Don’t just limit yourself to flowers. We deliver cakes, flowers, chocolates, plants, cupcakes, artificial flowers, as well as soft toys and baskets.

Call us, and one of our expert customer service representatives will take down your order and pass it on to our creationists who will craft a remarkable gift that will bring smiles to faces. If you are unsure what to give, our customer service will direct you to our many different lines. They will help you choose the perfect gift for any occasion.

Our very best sellers include a rich chocolate cake, black forest cake and red and white rose vase. Customers often request “smile on the face” bouquet that is a selection of different colors and sizes of roses in a bowl. Having trouble picking just one rose color? Then “our smile on the face” bouquet will be perfect for you. We can make any gift extra special by adding Cadbury celebrations, a small or large teddy bear or a tempting pineapple cake.

Our motto, “Smiles on the Face” is our guarantee to you that all flowers and gifts will be delivered on time and with a smile on our face.

We send our creations to most cities in India. We do not have midnight delivery to Agra, Ahmedabad, Aligarh, Allahaad, Bhopal, Cuttack, and several others. Ask you customer service representative which cities may have delivery questions.


Above notes are related the what flaberry has described on their website. Customer can submit their feedback from below options. After receiving lots of feedback about flaberry, we had to put them here for customer reviews.

They don’t have phyical address on the website.

Phone: +91 11 6603 0333



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Excellent Service

Jan 14, 2019 by Akash

They are the most professional service I know of in while India ..this was my 27th order with them and it was just perfect

Poor unreliable and un professional service

Nov 08, 2018 by Ranjeet Mascarenhas

Order flowers on Flaberry on 07 Nov 18 to get th delivered on 08 Nov 18 in Vivah city. The status I got all day was order confirmed....However at 1700...When I requested for a call back, they tell me that they cannot deliver. Very poor and unprofessional service and instead of giving me an outright refund..One Mr Maaz Khan had the audacity to ask me if I wanted delivery on 09 Nov 18...Left me wondering if he would like something like this on his anniversary....

Unreliable site

No Delivery & no response

Oct 07, 2018 by Philip John

No delivery done and no one to answer the call!! Will ask for a refund

Cheaters &scammers feedback they never put in public

Oct 01, 2018 by Pankaj mishra

Cheaters ! First they attract you with beautiful pic of bouquet . Then you book which they gonna charge immediate. Then they cancel the delivery holds your money in thief wallet. Spoils your special ones celebration. Doing cyber crime .they don’t under stand the meaning of importance of someone’s special day. Rotten damaged outdated flowers.

Zero Professionalism and least concerned

Aug 31, 2018 by Sharayu

I placed an order on Thursday for Friday morning delivery. I paid extra 150Rs just to get it delivered well in time (9:am - 10:00 am). It was on behalf of my friend who is in Australia for her father on his retirement day.

However, the nightmare started on Friday morning when I received a call at 9:45. The executive told me that they cannot deliver the order.. because they realized, they don't deliver it in Kareem Nagar area.

I had inquired them before placing an order and obviously gave complete delivery address on Thursday while placing an order.. but it was all fine till Friday morning 9:45 am.
The executive who called had zero idea about how to deal with the situation and had no work around. She said she will get back to me and stopped receiving the calls after first two calls! I had no clue what is going on!!
One moment I also had a feeling that I lost my Rs 1150 as none of their customer contact number was working.

After calling multiple times, finally I could talk to her boss at 12:30. He was least concerned. There was neither any accountability for the fuss nor any drive to find a solution. He pretended as if he dint know anything and gave me lame excuse that he was in the meeting.

On asking for refund he could however read out the policy that it will take 8 working days for refund to get debited in the account.

The cake was finally delivered at 3:40 pm after a very frustrating and annoying followup!!!

I really wish there was an option to give Zero stars.
Team Flaberry
please learn how to deal with your customers when things go wrong or else shut down your business.

worst and fraud

Aug 07, 2018 by sanju simon

Greetings from Flaberry!

Hope you are doing great.

This is in reference to your order number #1200194777 placed with us for delivery in Thrissur.

We feel really sorry to inform you that due to transportation strike the delivery of your order is not possible today at your shared location.

We do understand that it's inconvenient for you that we are not able to pass on your wishes to JESSY SIMON, but we can deliver the order tomorrow.

Request you to please provide your approval asap so that we can process your order.

In case of any other queries, please feel free to get in touch with us on email and chat Support. (09:00 AM - 09:00 PM, 7 days a week.)

Best Regards
Sumit Kumar
Customer Experience Team

Jul 24, 2018 by Antony

I had a bad experience with this website. My order was changed in the last moment saying that the item I ordered was not available and they can deliver only next day. Moreover, I paid Rs. 150 for making the payment during a specific time period; after taking the money, they delivered it late. Again after delivery, they advised not to open the box for 1 hour for whatever reason. Overall very bad experience.

Worst experience

Jul 20, 2018 by Anushree

Worst experience ever from the customer support team. Asked for a refund because they didn’t deliver my order on time. To my surprise they said the bought flowers weren’t available with them and they had mailed me regarding this. I didn’t receive any mail of that sort. When I requested for refund, I had to request them for continuous 5 days without anyone from the CustomerSupport team replying back. Still haven’t got my refund. Thinking of filing a consumer complaint against these cheats.

Pathetic experience

May 15, 2018 by Shally

I had ordered flowers for my mother on Mother’s Day, however it didn’t get delivered the same day, wrote so many emails and created so many tickets, but ni response . Despite me telling the support team to cancel my order the next day, they delivered the order.

Guys, please beware of this site. I really had a bad experience. Wouldn’t suggest ayone to use it.


May 01, 2018 by Subham Mukherjee

I am really so glad to know, Flaberry asked me for a feedback. I would like to divide it in some parts:
•Quality: Here I mean to say the quality of the ordered items:
oFlowers: They are nice and fresh. You really done a nice job here. So, within 5 you got 1 for that
oCake: Over all you scored 0 here.
? As per my order I have ordered a Black Forest Cake, but what got delivered was a white Cake! I never seen a Black Forest Cake White in color. May be a nice invention, but I don’t feel great to treat myself like guinea pig specially in occasion of my Wife’s birthday.
?In the cake I have requested to write something, which they don’t bother to write. As they think it might be waste of their time and money to write something which “they don’t bother” to write
•Delivery: Now, here is the place where I think lies main pain (for me) and lies from Flaberry. Why let’s tell you:
oWhile placing the order they claim if a user pay 150 bucs more they will deliver by morning 10 am. After placing the order and paying the amount they say the delivery can happen by 12 pm! And they don’t bother whether you have paid the cost or not. This is the first cheating.
oFinally due to rain, they claimed they can deliver only after rain stops! So, if you have an occasion in Rainy season. Flaberry will only deliver you after that. Be aware guys. Don’t order from flabeery in rainy season!
oSo, after many “promises(fake)” finally the things got delivered at 6pm! So, don’t depend on the timing promise from them.
oIt meant to be a surprise, so, they called the recipient and asked for the delivery in new timing to kill the surprise (so thoughtful from Flaberry)
•Customer care: They usually(!) responsive other than:
oYou can not call them. Whenever you call them in the given number they will route you back to the message and they will reply you if they think it is fine.
oOnce they promised that after delay the delivery will happen by 4:20 pm (instead of 10 am), and as I tried to contact them back at 4:21 they stopped responding! As you have paid the money they treat you like anything other than a human.
So, in a single line, if you want to gift somebody something special and you don’t bother about your order or quality or timing go for them. But, if you think, somebody is waiting for your surprise and you want to send a smile AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS. THEY ARE CHEATER AND DON’T BOTHER ABOUT YOUR EMOTIONS. THEY WILL DELIVER WHAT EVER THEY THINK AND WHEN EVER THEY THINK AFTER GETTING THE MONEY.

Indian Florists Companies Reviews Shimla , 173027 India 1.1 5.0 71 71 Guys, Please don't trust these guys. It's a fake business. Check their website (It's fake), they don't even have a customer care phone number. I am gonna report this website to go