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Company Note: Flaberry creates find gifts for any occasion that is meant to be celebrated. Unique flower arrangements and bouquets, cakes, cupcakes, and chocolate bouquets. Recently launched is our puppy collection. Flower arrangement design to look like your favorite puppy will delight anyone on your giving list. We take orders online, deliver to your destination, and guarantee on-time deliveries. Don’t just limit yourself to flowers. We deliver cakes, flowers, chocolates, plants, cupcakes, artificial flowers, as well as soft toys and baskets.

Call us, and one of our expert customer service representatives will take down your order and pass it on to our creationists who will craft a remarkable gift that will bring smiles to faces. If you are unsure what to give, our customer service will direct you to our many different lines. They will help you choose the perfect gift for any occasion.

Our very best sellers include a rich chocolate cake, black forest cake and red and white rose vase. Customers often request “smile on the face” bouquet that is a selection of different colors and sizes of roses in a bowl. Having trouble picking just one rose color? Then “our smile on the face” bouquet will be perfect for you. We can make any gift extra special by adding Cadbury celebrations, a small or large teddy bear or a tempting pineapple cake.

Our motto, “Smiles on the Face” is our guarantee to you that all flowers and gifts will be delivered on time and with a smile on our face.

We send our creations to most cities in India. We do not have midnight delivery to Agra, Ahmedabad, Aligarh, Allahaad, Bhopal, Cuttack, and several others. Ask you customer service representative which cities may have delivery questions.


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They don’t have phyical address on the website.

Phone: +91 11 6603 0333



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Pathetic And highly unprofessional

Jul 26, 2017 by Babanjit

If I have the option I will not even give them one star. Totally unprofessional and useless company- I have 4 complains against them 1) didnt delivery at the selected time slot 2) couldn't deliver the selected flower bouquet. 3) was informed about their incapablity when I called them to check on the delivery status. 4) It's almost 10days and they havnt refunded my money. Please if u don't won't to spoil the surprise for ur family/friend do not order from them and doesn't want to go thru the agony of claiming your money back please try some other reliable flower /gift centres.


Jul 01, 2017 by Naresh Kudva

Highly unprofessional. No timely delivery. Pathetic customer care. I had placed order no. 1200171704, 2 days prior to delivery. Time slot given was 8 am to 12 pm. Upon calling customer care at 11.30 am, they say that being remote location, order will be delivered same day but time cannot be confirmed.
What is the point of getting flower delivery in the evening or night.

If same could have been informed beforehand, I would have cancelled the order.

Jun 24, 2017 by Qazmul

Worst experience with flaberry. Booked cake vide order no 1200170216 after taking confirmation from customer care about delivery location and even then same was not delivered. and since then many mail sent for refund but till now 14 days has lapsed they have not refunded the amount.

Bad Experience

Jun 19, 2017 by jyoti

I had horrible experience with this site. I have placed orders for Assorted Roses and Cadbury celebration on the occasion of my parent's marriage anniversary.
I booked time slot of 8AM-12PM.Around 10'o clock in the morning I track my order, which was in the processing stage. Around 12'0 clock chatted with a customer care request them to make the delivery on the requested time, same thing I already suggested them via placing the order. Around 1’0 clock they called and told me they are not able to process my order with mix roses (I placed an order for mix roses), they have only red roses. I asked them about Cadbury celebration quantity that is not mentioned on their site they replied 120gms.For this 120 gms Cadbury celebration, I paid them 225rs for which market price is 100rs only. When I asked the same thing from them, they replied “delivery charges are included in it”. When I placed my order there was nothing mentioned like delivery charges? While payment, shipping charge was 0 rs. How they can add surprise charges. All things they should have clearly mentioned on their site. I clearly had given instruction to them, “I want fresh flowers with nicely decorate flowers bouquet”. They told me my order will be delivered by 3PM.Around 4’0 clock again; I chatted with customer care as my order was not delivered. They told me “it is already on the way, so request you to wait for some more time”. Around 5’0 clock again, I chatted with customer care they replied same thing again and again “Your order is already out for delivery and it will get delivered in next 15-20 minutes”. Finally waiting for a long time my parents, they received the order after 9 hours of the scheduled delivery time. The bunch of roses they received are in pathetic condition, they were not fresh one and only wrapped with aluminium foil.
I am paying full money still I am not receiving satisfied product -
1) Received order after 9 hours from scheduled deliver time
2) Received different variety of flowers as I ordered mix roses
3) Price of product in the market is 100rs, but you are charging 225 rs...saying it included extra charges...nothing is mentioned on their site about extra charges...Shipping is showing free while paying
4) At least not received satisfied product, the quality of the product was so cheap

Worst Services

May 18, 2017 by Panks

Guys suggest you to not to place any order on this site as you will get only and only disappointment from them. They will not make delivery on time. Than you have to spends hours for follow ups on the same. And in the end you will get neither delivery nor your refunds. As they will not even revert on your calls also. I placed an order on this site. I not neither the delivery and after hours of following up on calls they refuse to refund and surprise is no delivery have been made against the same even till now. So be careful and suggest not to book any services from this site. Rest is your choice.

Very pathetic service

May 16, 2017 by Rekha Jain

I have ordered a bunch of roses for my mom on mothers day..and wanted the same to be delivered in the morning slot. The whole day i tried calling flaberry Customercare but no one responded. The flowers were delivered late at night. Its service is very poor and would not recommend anyone to use their services as they dont keep up with their promises.

Fuck the flaberry

May 12, 2017 by Vamsi

Dint even deliver and no refund

Product not delivered, very bad in service. No Refund.

Mar 04, 2017 by Gopu

I placed an order on Valentine day (14 Feb,2017) for my wife which they din't deliver. No updates from them for 2 days (14th n 15th) and no customer care active on those days. Then, they agreed for refund in 3 days. On every 4-5th day when I contact them for status, they would argue for store credit (buy few flowers :D) and when I firmly disagree, they would again agree for full refund in next 2-3 days. This is happening for the past 15 days and finally they are not ready to rfund the money. They are crazy guys :D. It seems they are finding us in-valuable and playful. They are literally playing with us and having fun, seriously. Please see the conversations with them below on different dates.

On 17th Feb:
(08:23:16)Sanjay: We have already initiated your payment from our side it will take 7-10 working days to credited in your bank account

On 24th Feb:
(02:51:09)Mamandeep: I just confirm you that we got the approval for store credit
(02:51:22)Gopa: No need of store credit
(02:54:31)Mamandeep: may i know the name of the person who gave you the confirmation that you will get the refund into your bank account only
(02:54:52)Gopa: Sanjay
(03:06:32)Mamandeep: as checked with concern team , we can do for you is we can Transfer your amount of Rs.512 in your bank account and Rs.512 in your store credit
(03:06:38)Mamandeep: Please confirm
(03:11:04)Gopa: No
(03:15:06)Mamandeep: Alright, In your special case i'am forwarding your request for refund processing today now only on my behalf, Please be informed that amount will be credit into your bank account within 2 to 3 working days
(03:19:39)Mamandeep: refund initiated from my end amount will be credit into your bank account within 2 to 3 working days

On 28th Feb:
(09:03:34)Tauseef: I am forwarding your concern regarding the refund in bank account
(09:04:48)Tauseef: it will take
(09:05:05)Tauseef: 3 days more
(09:06:23)Tauseef: it takes 7-10 working days as it is already initiated so sure it will reflect in 3 days
(09:08:25)Tauseef: sure it will reflect back

On 4th Mar:
(10:29:25)Mamandeep: Please be assure that the same thing will never happen again in future, we do the deliveries on time, Please be informed that you can use the flaberry cash within 1 year for new order
(10:29:37)Mamandeep: Sorry we cannot reverse the same amount now


Mar 02, 2017 by Ruchita

I ordered a bunch of flowers on Valentine day (14 Feb,2017) for my husband and on 17th February, Flaberry guys called my husband that you want the flowers, your wife ordered on 14th Feb.

No one bother in the Flaberry team that the order is delivered or not.

I had a detailed discussion with "Simran Kaur" from Flaberry and asked for a refund and she said we don't have any refund policy. It has been 2 weeks now, I am following up with Flaberry team and no one help me out.

This was my second order with Flaberry and both the times I got disappointed.

Just a humble request, don't do such things guys, if you are not able to deliver the order, then just let the customer know, so that they can find some alternatives.

I think Mr. Anurag Srivastava (Flaberry CEO) is not at all interested in customer feedback. If you really want to grow your business you have to make your customer happy. Atleast to those who are paying you upfront.

Thanks and Regards,
Ruchita (7290016823)

'Very Bad Experiance No Value of time and Money"

Feb 17, 2017 by Nimesh

Very Bad experience i order flower for valentine day but now means 17 feb not receive if any one having value of time and Money please dont order here.

Indian Florists Companies Reviews Shimla , 173027 India 1.1 5.0 76 76 My Order number 300071926 has not been delivered since May 12th. Order was placed on May 11 and there was no communication on any kind of delivery challenge. Since then I have been