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Company Note: Flaberry creates find gifts for any occasion that is meant to be celebrated. Unique flower arrangements and bouquets, cakes, cupcakes, and chocolate bouquets. Recently launched is our puppy collection. Flower arrangement design to look like your favorite puppy will delight anyone on your giving list. We take orders online, deliver to your destination, and guarantee on-time deliveries. Don’t just limit yourself to flowers. We deliver cakes, flowers, chocolates, plants, cupcakes, artificial flowers, as well as soft toys and baskets.

Call us, and one of our expert customer service representatives will take down your order and pass it on to our creationists who will craft a remarkable gift that will bring smiles to faces. If you are unsure what to give, our customer service will direct you to our many different lines. They will help you choose the perfect gift for any occasion.

Our very best sellers include a rich chocolate cake, black forest cake and red and white rose vase. Customers often request “smile on the face” bouquet that is a selection of different colors and sizes of roses in a bowl. Having trouble picking just one rose color? Then “our smile on the face” bouquet will be perfect for you. We can make any gift extra special by adding Cadbury celebrations, a small or large teddy bear or a tempting pineapple cake.

Our motto, “Smiles on the Face” is our guarantee to you that all flowers and gifts will be delivered on time and with a smile on our face.

We send our creations to most cities in India. We do not have midnight delivery to Agra, Ahmedabad, Aligarh, Allahaad, Bhopal, Cuttack, and several others. Ask you customer service representative which cities may have delivery questions.


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They don’t have phyical address on the website.

Phone: +91 11 6603 0333



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'Very Bad Experiance No Value of time and Money"

Feb 17, 2017 by Nimesh

Very Bad experience i order flower for valentine day but now means 17 feb not receive if any one having value of time and Money please dont order here.

Feb 16, 2017 by Samuel D


My order was not deliver on time.I understand it was valentine's day. But someone could have at least called informing saying that the delivery was not possible!!
I did not receive any call whatsoever even yesterday the 15th of Feb.
I called customer support and enquired who told me that the money cannot be refunded to my account and will give me store credit instead.
The executive told me that if I didn't want store credit the order could be delivered today with a complimentary gift!
To which I obliged.
The order was delivered but not the complementary gift.

Pathetic Site & Stay away from this cheaters if you don't want to get your nerve high.

Feb 15, 2017 by Rajiv

Horrible customer care. Horrible service. Product status will show delivered in portal but you won't be getting the product in time nor the refund. No one there to respond your mail or call. Ultimately you will feel disappointed, dejected, cheated and would curse your decision fir going for this site.. Hold Ur Bucks & Stay away from this Cheated & Pathetic site.. Don't ruin your day and your dear ones..

Flowers quality

Feb 15, 2017 by Manu

The flowered were deleiveres on time on Valentine day but al flowers were no where looking like red roses. Were dried.
When contacted the people who delivered he told us that because of so many orders they had received some stock earlier and were delivering and that he came deliver fresh maybe after 2-3 days
Tough and not expected.

Worst service

Feb 14, 2017 by Manohar

I had booked flowers and chocolates for valentines day. Delivery guy called up the recipient one day prior and told her the entire order with details of sender. Also asked the recipient if she could pick up the flowers or would be ready for the delivery one day prior. How stupid can your service be by first of all taki g details of date and time for delivery and never intending to do so. On top of this call the recipient and not the sender to modify the delivery. Flaberry is by far the worst service provider in this space and should seriously think of shutting down if they are so unorganized and unable to understand the basics of their services.

Fraud company

Feb 10, 2017 by Rekha meena

totally fraud company . I was trying to deliver for the first time and it waa such a bad experience . I wonder how can they even do this . They dont even answer the calls and mails. Guys dont ever try or use this site

Fraud website

Feb 07, 2017 by Reh

Total fraud.made payment but got no delivery really disappointed. I could not gift roses to my partner on rose day

Jan 20, 2017 by Supratik

Order was placed for anniversary cake on 14/01 for delivery on 19/01.
It was not delivered and got a sorry mail from website.
Status of the order shows delivered.


Worst Cake

Jan 06, 2017 by Swapnil Singh Rathore

Worst cake and it was not fresh. I ordered it first time and it was a bad experience for me. Delivery time and other things are fine, but the product quality was very bad. It was complete waste of money, Infact I didn't eat that cake.

I Hope Flaberry team will provide good quality product to the customers. At the end product quality matters.

I got a feedback call from Flaberry customer care and the executive said we will get back to you on this, but didn't get any revert yet.



Jan 05, 2017 by Ravi Ahuja

Worst company of all times. Please do not place order with them. See chat conversation below with their customer care executive

You —
what is going on to my Order Id:- 1200158565

(Flaberry) Tauseef —
The are you mentioned for delivery is remote location so delivery is not possible at this address .

You —
Address is in the market center of Pachmarhi. Your site says you deliver in Pachmarhi, see the link below. What made you say it in outskirt. And why did not you say that 2 days ago when I placed the order. Why on delivery day?

(Flaberry) Tauseef —
It might have some technical issue at that time.

(Flaberry) Tauseef —
but delivery is not possible at this address .

You —
look at this site again . is that a technical issue ?

You —
I want my refund. How and when you can refund my money ?

(Flaberry) Tauseef —
Do you have any alternate address where we can deliver this order .

You —
do you want me to tell the birthday boy to go to the alternate address so that our flabberry "professionals" can deliver the flowers to you ?

You —
I want my refund. How and when you can refund my money ?

(Flaberry) Tauseef —
Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

(Flaberry) Tauseef —
sorry to say as it is a perishable product so we can't initiate the refund we can provide you store credit from which you can purchase next time .

You —
Huh … After this worse experience who wants to place any order from “professional” like you. I want the money back and not store credit.

(Flaberry) Tauseef —
It has no expiry date you can use it in next occasion anytime in all over india .

You —
I want the money back and not store credit.

(Flaberry) Tauseef —
Okay i can do one thing i am initiating the request and we will get back to you .

You —
okay please do. i can see you can't even promise that refund will be done

You —
Meanwhile this conversation is going on all the review sites. Let the world know you guys are criminals

(Flaberry) Tauseef —
we will get back to you .

You —
Ok thank you. Angry with flaberry – you ruined the hope of elderly mother who wanted to wish 69th birthday to her elderly brother. Had you told us 2 days ago we could have made alternate arrangements. BTW he is sick and we don’t know whether we will get this chance again on his birthday later. I hope we do !

(Flaberry) Tauseef —
Really very very Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. i am initiating the request

You —
you should be. please confirm this on my email. hope to get the refund at earliest.

(Flaberry) Tauseef —
sure we will get back to you .

Indian Florists Companies Reviews Shimla , 173027 India 1.1 5.0 77 77 Worst service. Very poor Customer support. They took the money and committed to delivering on the next day, however, the whole day I was following with them. And the end they are s