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Company says that they are One of the oldest in India. Claimed to have best local florists network.

FloraIndia.com has been instituted to extend this purpose of flowers into your lives and help you reach across the seas, with your loved ones to make your presence felt in their hearts.

A few concerned, socially awakened individuals with experience from varied industries, joined hands to use their experiences to bring for you, an exquisite collection of tasteful arrangements, with process oriented efficiency for enviable service and at the best of prices. This is has been packaged in the form of the various services being offered on this site.

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Aug 16, 2019 by Aditya

This is what I sent to flora india. Their service is pathetic.

It is very disappointing and unacceptable that the delivery was request for 14th August and it was delivered on 16th August. The purpose of using your services to ensure the delivery on the requested day. And it was delivered 2 days late. This has ruined the importance of the day.
Though i am your customer for last many years but now i wish that i shouldn't have use your services.


May 15, 2019 by Prachi Bhave

I dont wish to give even one star. My gift was undelivered for mother's day and inspite of calling and messaging them they replied saying just 'sorry' after three days. They din't even give any refund. THEY ARE THOROUGHLY UN PROFESSIONAL. We used to use their services, but now we will think about it. They just took away my money (Rs 1000 for flowers that I ordered). Customer's have to beg to them for replies and money.

Extremely Pathetic

Feb 20, 2019 by Rinku Rani

Extremely pathetic service..I ordered flower & card for my husband on 14th Feb 2019 .And my order was never delivered .Even i had to call the customer care 100 times to check the status. But the customer care no was 24*7 was coming as busy.. By the end of day i have to shoot an email at grievance and then i got a response that unfortunately your order can not be delivered. These guys spoiled my whole day of Valentine.. And now i am chasing them for my refund.. God knows when will i receive my hard earned money back from these cheaters !!

My OrderId is : BI174497

Feb 15, 2019 by Richa

I ordered flowers for same day, they did not even delivered on second day also.
The customer care is pathetic, in spite of dropping them an email, no reply.
Both customer care numbers also useless


Feb 15, 2019 by Sidharth Rastogi

The quality of flowers and quality of service from customer care (both on emails and phone calls) is absolutely pathetic. They probably take pretty pictures of flower arrangements from google to describe the flowers they will send but the quality of flowers is absolutely pathetic.
And their customer care blatantly states that images on webpage are not actual images but are only indicative in nature + all other crap to deflect poor quality of product sent.
They issue seems that they have zero control over local vendors who they have a tie-up with at ground level and bad quality flower arrangements are sent for floraindia customers. Highly let down by floraindia lately and am looking for a better vendor.

Bait and Switch company

Feb 11, 2019 by Venugopal

Deserves ZERO rating. They showed a beautiful floral set on their webpage and confirmed they will deliver to that location and charged me Rs.2400. Then they are saying they can't match the colors. They wanted to send white colored flowers which is generally for Funerals while I was sending it to my niece for her engagement. What kind of a company does that??? Steals the money and then switches the product.

Items not delivered

Nov 20, 2018 by Hrishi T S

The flowers which was supposed to be delivered on 20th for a birthday was not delivered even after 2 days , such a non professional company, should be reported to consumer court

Such as worst nightmare!!! DO NOT ORDER!

Nov 12, 2018 by Jaimin

Such an auspicious occasion like Diwali
I put online order for Flower and DryFruit box -order no KH157018 (ordered on 08/10/2018). the worst yet to come , it was Open plastic box of DryFruit such A SAME - anyone can open and eat, also if someone would like to poison it they can or courier boy can also EAT.

Do you expect this type of goods to deliver your friends and family, its sheet box for few dryfruit. I have lodged the complains to ensure re-delivered, thats good Flora took action but still worst to come yet.
they redelivered the product again but this time it was mentioned to some one else name instead my family , how can someone expect goods if its was not for your name.
This is fraud compnay and so upsetting for years of relation I have to discontinue using FOLRAINDIA.COM

TOO BAD just learn from others and grow to get business.

Too bad...too worst response..

Sep 18, 2018 by Kusuma Chetty

They dont send the items which was shown in the description..if the mistake is theirs also they won't take any further action.they just forward the mail..I got a mail which was compensate with other but later they didnt take any further action..giving 1star is also waste of time...too bad..

Aug 26, 2018 by Padmini Shanmugam

Tried calling them and no answer. Still waiting for a response! They have not delivered the services on time.

Indian Florists Companies Reviews Shimla , 173027 India 1.5 5.0 63 63 This is what I sent to flora india. Their service is pathetic. It is very disappointing and unacceptable that the delivery was request for 14th August and it was delivered on 1