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Welcome to The World of FlowerAura.com, come and experience the joy of gifting your loved ones with beautiful fresh flowers and rekindle your bonds of affection. Here at FlowerAura we deliver in over 100 cities in India with our unmatched services and at price you cannot bargain.

Company claimed to be a national florist and have tie ups everywhere.

We dont have any personal experience with this company in delivering flowers.

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Jul 08, 2019 by gina

Don’t waste your money on FlowerAura. They don’t mean business they screw your time money and energy. Never spoil your best occasions with them. The main aim is to make sure the payment gets through, only then they will let you know what they CANT’T do.
My partner’s special day was not so special for both of us due to Flower Bloody Aura. I paid whooping money, I chased them to the edge to do their job, and I fought with their delivery driver and never ending chat session all through my work hours. Dint deliver anything on time, literally anything. I placed 2 different orders (Various products) for the same day nothing ever reached my partner as per the promised time (I paid extra money for particular delivery slots). You will be doing their job too, these guys are such a joke no serious business here, pretty slack. Never again with this website. Extremely Disappointed!!

Didnt delivered the products at all

May 13, 2019 by Shubham

Ordered 4 items and none of then were delivered. Purely a cheating business.

Poor service

May 12, 2019 by Shubham Shukla

Not a reliable service at all , we had ordered pink roses with greeting card for Mother's day but got some random flowers without greeting card. Talk about ruining the moment. They will send something you don't intend. Avoid them

Disgusting Service

May 12, 2019 by Sahil

Worst service from the company. Order was late. False advertising.


Worst service ever !!

Mar 23, 2019 by shikha gupta

I want to raise my concern about my order #3057135.On 20th March I ordered a cake for my relatives in India and they received the cake on 21st March at 9 pm and that too in ruined condition.I raised the concern and their team without my confirmation send new cake on 22nd March which was not required or requested at all.And when i asked my money refund then got answer that i will not get my complete money back. For complete refund they will contact receiver to give the cake back so that money could be refunded. Its so annoying and unethical situation; their team has created, unimaginable the way they are running business. Its so pathetic experience. I did not ask them to deliver cake again next day and now when i requested my money back their team is asking cake back. The cake has already been thrown out as event is over and its of no use to receiver .What an excuse of not refunding money !!! Wow !!!Seriously totally unprofessional attitude your company and company people are showing.

Worst service in the World

Feb 14, 2019 by siri Poovaiah

My boyfriend ordered something for me that was supposed to be a surprise in the day, but they were so very late that he even asked me if i got something, they called me at 7:30 PM which was already the end of the day, and said they would be delivering it.One hour later my boyfriend checks with them , they yelled saying we would deliver if we could and all that bullshit. how cheap of them they take money for particular time slot and harass the customer make us call them so many times. why are we to understand when we pay extra ? worst service stay away from them.

Very disappointed with the service

Dec 15, 2018 by Sulagna Datta

I am very disappointed with the service provided by Floweraura. Yesterday I ordered a combo of cake nd flowers for my parents anniversary and before ordering it I had talk with the Floweraura executive who assured me that the delivery was possible for particular location and time. Even after completing the order I have confirmed with the same executive (order placed at 6.00 am. Review confirmation regarding the delivery at 10.00). Now also in the second time the executive has confirmed that the order will surely be delivered at the scheduled time. At around 12.30 pm I received a mail saying "due to some electrical issue we couldn't deliver the order". I called the executive who really handled the situation in a very silly manner. She said without electricity how can we bake your cake. And I HAVE BEEN INFORMED JUST BEFORE AN HOUR OF THE DELIVERY WHEN I HAD NO OTHER OPTIONS LEFT.

My question is what kind of organisation you are running where u don't have a back up power? And why are you ruining the expectations of some special moments when you don't have the commitments to fulfill them.

PS. My order no is # 2700274 and I haven't received the refund yet. I am not expecting any compensation either....

Thank you very much for making the day so special.

Pathetic... cheaters... FlowerAura take money and deliver damage material or never deliver...

Aug 26, 2018 by Mohit Gangaramani

Had placed two orders 2371206 and 2371390
2371206 never got delivered but received confirmation that the parcel got delivered, when spoken to the service guys they said it is a mistake and will get it rectified, but again the parcel dint reach the destination...

2371390 never got delivered and no updates

no one responds to calls

Very disappointed

Aug 12, 2018 by srikanth

I ordered chocolates and flowers for online delivery, but received only part of the order while i was billed completely. Flowers delivered also did not look fresh. I should have gone through the reviews before making my order with flower aura.

Amazing service

Mar 19, 2018 by Sheena

Placed an order around 7 PM and the cake got delivered just before 10 PM. Amazing service

Indian Florists Companies Reviews Shimla , 173027 India 1.4 5.0 50 50 Don’t waste your money on FlowerAura. They don’t mean business they screw your time money and energy. Never spoil your best occasions with them. The main aim is to make sure th