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Buy flowers online or get the fresh flowers delivered to your near and dear ones on every special occasion to make them feel really special and cared. Buy or send flowers online from FernsnPetals, one of the easiest ways to shop flowers online and send flowers across the India and abroad. We offer an extensive range of flower arrangements and cost-effective gift baskets and make it easy for you to shop for gifts and flowers online. With our prompt delivery, we ensure that your order will reach recipient on time.


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Fast Delivery but Horrible Product

Feb 18, 2018 by Priyagi Prabhu

I had ordered the Indian sweets Kaju Katri to be sent along with a Flower Arrangement. The sweets while were twice the price than the normal sweetmart, were of horrible quality!! I had to throw the entire box in the trash.. the flowers weren't great too.. Totally Don't recommend them.

Order not delivered after 2 days also

Feb 16, 2018 by Megha Pokhriyal

Worst experience. Can't believe company's seevuce is that bad. Order was supposeto be delivered by 14th Feb was not delivered. After chasing multiple times over the calls and by writing email the executivesmade all false promise that it will be delivered but it is not been delivered. Nobody told about the refund of money..really bad service and horrible experience. Would defibately not referrer fnp to any of my friends.

horrible experience !

Feb 14, 2018 by cj

It has been a very horrible experience with ferns n petals. After having had email exchange for solving the issue for almost 2 weeks now, their company has refused to either deliver or pay my money back . The amount is not less- Rs. 2265.60. Its been very traumatic as the flowers were to be sent for a very special occasion and nothing was achieved. I m stunned that their customer service is so bad that they keep copying pasting the same answers for 10 emails in a row! I have made yet another attempt today . Hoping some person at their customer service will actually make an effort to read the details I have written in my email and process either a delivery or refund of the money.

Selling fake perfume

Feb 13, 2018 by Rajib Ghose

I had ordered a perfume for my wife which delivery was specified for a specific date. I availed the service of this company because they offered the facility of choosing the delivery date.

The gift was delivered 2 days early. The gift was a perfume and they delivered a fake product. It was a 3500+ rupees order. Upon contacting them this is the reply I received from their customer support

Dear Rajib,

Thank you for contacting Ferns N Petals!

This is in reference to your order number: 4708167

We would like to inform you that the order has been delivered as the product description over the web site.

We value your relationship with us.

Flowerly yours,

Pradeep Yadav

Team Ferns N Petals

Poor customer care and delivery

Feb 12, 2018 by Mahesh

I have ordered high end boukey on birthday...though the local shop was near to my home..they took 5 hours and 45 min to deliver while it was 30 min away from my home..and while placing i clearly indicated that how important it is....waste of money


Feb 08, 2018 by Heena

Such a worse team I have ever met, have delivered two orders yesterday ,one for Noida and one for Gurgaon with the order Id,4659627 and 4658648 resp.they assured me to deliver both by 6:30 as it was the office address. They attempted one order from Gurgaon location with the very office address, i had word with these guys 5 times in a day and told them clearly nobody would be available after 6:30.they attempted one order for Gurgaon with the poor quality of flowers and the other one attempted at 8:30pm .next day when I told them to redeliver it today or cancel it, they asked for more money. Such poor services from a reputed brand!
No response as well since mornings. Expected services from such a pathetic brand. Close your firm. U deserve that.

I got the revert :

Thank you for contacting Ferns N Petals!

This is in reference to your order number: 4659627

We tried to contact you however we could not reach you.

We would like to express our deepest regret for the inconvenience caused because of your order not being delivered.

We would like to inform you that we checked with our Delivery Team regarding your order. A delivery was attempted but we could not deliver the product because recipient was not available.

Since the order had perishable product, we are really sorry that a redelivery or refund in this case will not be possible. Hope you can understand our constraints.

Please refer to our Shipping Disclaimer point below:

Ferns N Petals will be able to attempt delivery of your gifts only ONCE. In the event the delivery is not executed during the attempt, the customer shall still be charged for the order and no redelivery will be possible. We will consider the order executed in the below cases:
1. Wrong shipping/delivery address.
2. Recipient not available.
3. Premises locked.
4. Wrong landline/Mobile number or Extension number which may render us unable to reach the Recipient for the delivery.
5. Recipient refusing to accept the delivery.
6. Delivered the product at the Gate/ Reception/ Neighbour.

Now my question to the team is:

1.When team assured me, then what is the scenerio,where this clause mentioned in your so called norms.
2. When team's senior assured my 4times to deliver by 6:30pm, then which scenerio should be taken care of?
3.The order is placed before the team confirmation to deliver it by 6:30 pm. So where is the norm?
4.Can I get the recordings of the conversation done yesterday and today with each and every executive or still this z not permissible.

When the team ,the firm cannot be stick to their words ,then whats the use of running the company.

fnp cheats

Jan 25, 2018 by prapti

Ferns n petals has disappointed me to the highest. It was my first wedding anniversary on 22nd january'18 and I relied on fnp to send flowers and cake to my husband for which fnp charged a pretty good amount. But anything for the loved ones u know. So placed the order. The order of cake was received which was of below average quality. Red velvet was not looking like red velvet at all.

Flowers which were to be delivered between 8 to 12 in the morning were not delivered till 5 o' clock. I called them up to enquire about the same. First person forwarded  my call to second person, second person also forwarded my call to third one who asked me to wait and then after waiting for so long to get the right solution the call gets disconnected. As mentioned before it was our big day so we left home to Murthal at 7 for the celebration. There we found that the cake was stale and the topping was pretty horrible which claimed to be red velvet.

Next day I called them up again to refund my money back as the flowers were not delivered to which they refused. I asked them to deliver it in Chandigarh as the receiver is there now to which they denied as well. They gave me the option that it can be redelivered only at the same address. I don't understand what would I do of those flowers now. Do I continue to celebrate my occasion according to your delivery standards?

I am asking them continuously to refund my money to which they are quite reluctant.

They say that the contact no of sender as well as receiver was not reachable cos  of which they couldn't deliver flowers. But how the cake got delivered then. Cake guy called me as well as the receiver and we both responded to him well and received it. There were 11 hours from morning 8 to evening 7 when we left home and they were not able to reach us for 11 hours. Bravo! Chor people.

Refund is all I want. But they say that flowers will be delivered with a complimentary Cadbury chocolates and apology note. I mailed them again yesterday for refund but they didn't respond to that mail. Morning delivery person came and the house was locked to which they instantly mailed that we don't refund the money if you refuse  to accept the delivery or the house is locked and we won't even attempt to deliver it again.

How mean!

The occasion is passed. U were not able to deliver. Then just refund the money. What's the point in redelivery or apology note, complimentary gift etc

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Jan 08, 2018 by Bharti

So I ordered designer cake for my niece birthday, first they had confusion regarding delivery day, instead of delivering it on her birthday they were delivering it next. After lots of efforts they said they will deliver on her birthday. No what happens when your designer cake arrives, well it is no more a designer cake, there is no birthday message. They have spoiled my niece birthday. I ordered cake from Canada for India, so not keeping time difference in mind these guys are calling me on a regular basis for 3 consecutive nights which is around 2-2.30am in Canada. When asked for refund they said they will give a box of chocolates. I ordered for 5000 Rs cake and they offered me 50 Rs chocolate box. It was the worst experience and I am never gonna suggest or order from these guys again.

Nov 16, 2017 by sridevi

Wrost delivery ...they take money for international online delivery of cake but don't deliver and take huge amount of money ,they customer representatives talk rudely and not get any replies for mails....really fraud site .. please don't order from this

Worst Quality & Service among all...

Nov 11, 2017 by Sidhartt Rastoagi

Has anyone ever noticed that reviews on fnp website has 4.5 stars and on independent websites (take any) is a mere 1 or 2 stars. This simple fact means that on fnp website, they sieve out negative reviews and only the ones rating them as good are published, and obviously so, it is completely understandable.

FnP has gone from excellent to the worst. Their flowers, when ordered online are ALWAYS stale and the cake is always the cheapest available anyplace.you order a black-forest cake to be delivered and they deliver a normal sponge cake with tons of icing which goes nowhere but in the dustbin - I am switching off from fnp forever now - no matter what you do or whom you complain to, it simply makes no difference to them and the quality(for online orders) JUST DOES NOT improve and the outcome is an infuriating and a bad experience each and every time.

Customer service, Escalations, Complaints is mere lipservice and never paid heed to. They assure personal and better services next time and the status remains the same - .its always always'next time'.

Indian Florists Companies Reviews Shimla , 173027 India 1.0 1.0 93 93 I had ordered the Indian sweets Kaju Katri to be sent along with a Flower Arrangement. The sweets while were twice the price than the normal sweetmart, were of horrible quality!! I


  1. Hi All…Same experience here…booked for a bouquet to be delivered to my mom on her birthday ( 30th May ) and called customer service since the order was not delivered till 1730 hrs.Customer Care informs me that the order could not be delivered because the local vendor does not have the flowers I ordered..They did not even inform me in the morning where i could have at least made another arrangement with a local florist…Ferns n Petals should be Nonsense n Bulls..t

  2. Hi,
    I have faced a smiliar issue today. And I tried all numbers there recipt phone number’s do not exist. I sent a mail to all concerned but nobody has got back. This is the most pathetic online service ever used. FB, twitter and all possible mediums used