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Buy flowers online or get the fresh flowers delivered to your near and dear ones on every special occasion to make them feel really special and cared. Buy or send flowers online from FernsnPetals, one of the easiest ways to shop flowers online and send flowers across the India and abroad. We offer an extensive range of flower arrangements and cost-effective gift baskets and make it easy for you to shop for gifts and flowers online. With our prompt delivery, we ensure that your order will reach recipient on time.


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Never again on Ferns N Petals

Jul 25, 2019 by Satyajit Roy

I had purchased a gift from Ferns N Petals for my wife on our anniversary. The courier people, Blue Dart, called my wife twice to confirm the delivery address. But they failed to deliver citing ' Address not found'. I have been receiving couriers from all sources without any issues so far. The whole purpose of this gifting now seems defeated. Never again on Ferns N Petals.

Jun 05, 2019 by Mayuri

I would not even give 1 star.
Worst service from FNP. Disappointed on my fathers birthday.
Never let these kind of fools take your money.

FnP delivery is not up to the mark

May 27, 2019 by Rohit

I have ordered 1Kg cake + Flower Candle to be delivered in Jalgaon.
However, the delivered product had 1 missing item(Flower Candle).
Also, while placing the order delivery time as selected as 14:00 - 16:00 but they had modified the same without any intimation to 14:00 - 18:00. The recepient was about to leave for the party they had organised.
Worst experience for the order placed. Don't use FnP.

bad delivery experience

May 25, 2019 by murthy

we can't control delivery. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT.

Biggest Cheats Ever

May 22, 2019 by bhavna saini

I ordered bouquet for my Boss's birthday and I was horrified. The pics on website are an eyewash. The end product is completely different and low quality. When I complained, no one in FNP even wanted to listen or refund my money. Tired of arguments I asked them to replace the bouquet and send it another day. At least they listened that time..probably because they dint need to return money.
The replacement bouquet...was even more horrifying. I just accepted coz its a total waste of time trying to get FNP to listen or change their methods. This company should close. They are only interested in cheating everyone. I even wrote and email to FNP owner.. No surprise he dint even bother to reply. I will never ever order from Ferns and Petals ever again

TERRIBLE service, bad delivery experience...Liars, Frauds, Cheats!!!

May 15, 2019 by DAS

These guys are utterly unprofessional.bad customer service. No escalation channels. An order placed for delivery 15 days prior was delivered one day later than scheduled. Explanation provided - we can't control delivery. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. AVOID USING THIS WEBSITE.

Horrible Quality!

May 08, 2019 by Swarnali

HORRIBLE experience! Quality of roses was atrocious & the pineapple cake came with no pineapple pieces nor any message on it though all info was provided in advance on the fnp website. On complaining a replacement cake was sent fr Ribbons & Balloons. U’d Rather buy a small gift for ur loved one on ur own than rely on fnp who take payment in advance & u r left with no choice!!!

Stale food and dried flowers

Apr 25, 2019 by Nuzhat

Last year I started placing orders from Ferns and Petals. The experience was awesome. Last 2 orders have been pathetic. In fact I had to place the order on 22nd April as I didn't have a choice! The flowers were not fresh at all. Most of the roses were dried. Last order the cake was stale. When I raised a complaint for the cake I got a call back and was told that the bakery was responsible and not Ferns and Petals. Still I gave it a try and ordered only flowers this time. But this time also my bad!! Don't they understand that we order to gift someone just because we aren't able to be with the person gifted on their special day!! With this service not only the gift is spoilt but also the emotion behind it is gone for a toss.. And now when I am trying to call them to let them know they are just hanging up on my call!!!

Thoroughly unprofessional

Feb 25, 2019 by ANAND

Ordered for valentine 2019.Wrong name on pillow cover . They have still not replaced in spite of repeated emails. Will never order from this place in future

Very Bad Service

Feb 16, 2019 by Joel Sequeira

Ordered for Red Carnations with Lilies order #9167087 delivery in Mumbai on Feb 14, 2019. They coudnt deliver in the stipulated time (6am - 9pm for which they charged) and ended up delivering at 11:30pm which ruined the entire plan and purpose of celebrating Valentine Day. The bouquet received is not even close to the way its supposed to be.

Reached out to customer care and have received email(instead of a call as committed in 24hrs) from Raj Singh (team leader) who has only regretted inconvenience and is ensuring will not happen for future orders, but no responsibility of making the correction for the blunder even by sending an apology bouquet. I have asked them to resend the bouquet ordered or an apology bouquet in my response to them. Awaiting their reply.

Indian Florists Companies Reviews Shimla , 173027 India 1.0 1.0 128 128 I had purchased a gift from Ferns N Petals for my wife on our anniversary. The courier people, Blue Dart, called my wife twice to confirm the delivery address. But they failed to d


  1. Hi All…Same experience here…booked for a bouquet to be delivered to my mom on her birthday ( 30th May ) and called customer service since the order was not delivered till 1730 hrs.Customer Care informs me that the order could not be delivered because the local vendor does not have the flowers I ordered..They did not even inform me in the morning where i could have at least made another arrangement with a local florist…Ferns n Petals should be Nonsense n Bulls..t

  2. Hi,
    I have faced a smiliar issue today. And I tried all numbers there recipt phone number’s do not exist. I sent a mail to all concerned but nobody has got back. This is the most pathetic online service ever used. FB, twitter and all possible mediums used