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It is true that sending gifts to your loved ones when you are far away helps them to bear your absence a little easier. At, this thought has guided us to set up a world class network to Send flowers and Gifts to India. They claimed over 10 years experience in selecting the best florists in every city – Bangalore florists, Chennai florists, Mumbai florists, Delhi florists and florists in India that is amongst themselves to deliver our customers priority orders with speed and accuracy because we believe in sending only the best.

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Feb 21, 2018 by Ravindra bharti

Yesterday there was birthday of my brother so to give him surprise i ordered birthday cake at midnight from phoolwala. I received my order on time. Taste of cake was delicious. Great experience with them. I will definitely order next time also from here and recommend other also for that.

Excellent service

Feb 17, 2018 by Neha sharm

On 14th Feb I ordered at midnight, a cake and a flower to give a surprise present to my husband from here. I received my order exactly on time. Cake taste was awesome and flowers were fresh. Thanks for providing excellent service. I will recommend it to my friends and other family members also.

useless online provider

Feb 14, 2018 by HEENA

Never trust this phoolwala they are big thieves they cheating people like anything. i have selected expnesive products and they didnt deliver completelty diff item.

please dont use this site at atll

Wost Provider and Cheats

Feb 14, 2018 by Aniket Rastogi

Cant give a zero to these thieves, really looters in broad daylight. I had placed my order at 1.50pm on Valentines day. The receipt came confirming that the order would be delivered on 14th. Then I got a mail suggesting that the order cant be delivered today and would be delivered tomorrow, confirm urgently. I politely told them I don't need it delivered tomorrow hence provide refund. Now these cheats are telling that they don't give refunds and they will deliver tomorrow. On call they are laughing at me saying "Jo Ukhaadna hai Ukhaad lo, paise toh aa gaye hamare pass". Worst Company ever

Excellent service

Jan 22, 2018 by Ranjana

I had ordered chocolate cake with Bouque of 12 roses on my husband birthday from Flowers were fresh and cake taste was awesome. Excellent service provided by them, they deliver my order on time. Thanks to phoolwala that helped me in giving surprise to my husband. Will try again for sure.

owesome service by phoolwala

Mar 04, 2016 by sayan mandal has owesome creative bouquet collection. i am impressed by their customer service.they have placed my order timely.

Wide Range of colourful flower and gift items

Dec 02, 2015 by Dipankar Chatterjee

Recently through i gifted flower bookie to one of my freind marriage anniversary. They packed it very nice and delivered it on time.

Oct 06, 2014 by pushkar joshi

Don't ever use for sending gifts to your loved ones. I suspect they are FRAUD.

On 4th October I was supposed to receive gift at my Boston, USA address ordered from India via

2 days are passed and so far it has not been delivered. The tracking details show "In-Progress". I have not received any notification regarding delivery delay. I tried calling their number but it was not answered.

This clearly shows lack of professionalism and commitment and malicious intentions.

I feel, all the victims must take some action on by reporting FRAUD to customer care departments in India and also in Cyber space.



Poor Service and very bad customer service

Jul 26, 2013 by Sudhakar

I had placed an order for Flowers, chocolates and greeting card. They had delivered the Flowers and greeting cars at 3PM. Well By Greeting card I mean a Anniversary card. But for them a greeting card means birthday card. I called them and tried to explain all greetings are not birthday greetings But I could not as he is adamant to listen. When I complained that the chocolates are not delivered he called my wife and shouted on her. I really pissed off with the behavior.

Atrocious Service

Jun 17, 2013 by s

My order was placed weeks in advance, and intended for delivery on fathers day. In fact the plant itself was advertised as a father?s day gift. Having not received an initial order confirmation, I wrote to the service and asked for one. They then guaranteed that it would be delivered on said date.

The delivery never came, so I contacted them via email. Receiving no answer I then contacted them via online chat, where the attendant was rude and unapologetic. Citing only that the nursery was closed on Sunday and some products took longer to deliver (despite the fact that I had received a confirmation and the product was advertised as a father?s day special, which presumably should be delivered on said day).

I kept asking for both the attendant name and a branch manager?s name, but said online attendant refused to give it to me.

Indian Florists Companies Reviews Shimla , 173027 India 2.4 5.0 13 13 Yesterday there was birthday of my brother so to give him surprise i ordered birthday cake at midnight from phoolwala. I received my order on time. Taste of cake was delicious. Gre