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Winni provide you a trustworthy and convenient platform to choose the best gift for your family, friends etc. for every occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, marriage, love, farewell and much more. offers the wide range of products in various categories like cakes, egg-less cakes, drawing cakes, 3D cakes, photo cakes, collectibles, chocolates, bouquet, flowers bunch, soft toys, greeting cards, candles, photo frames, handicrafts etc. Winni also customizes gifts according to customer wish.

Winni is all about how you celebrate your relationship in the best possible manner which fulfills you with joy happiness and satisfaction.

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Worst Service

Feb 14, 2018 by Shalivahan

I have made an order frm Hyd to deliver flowers to Belgaum on 14th feb 2018 ... still they haven't delivered ...their customer service num is not getting connected ...when connected they speak in a rude fashion ...when they can't deliver what they promise then why they are cheating us ...they are cheaters and frauds ... new way of begging for money ..

Fake and worst service which i ever seen

Feb 14, 2018 by Vicky

Am from Chennai and I made a order in Mohali to my Girlfriend as a surprise.
I have provided the Address and Landmark of the recipient.
They have mentioned delivery time clearly(8am - 9pm). Still they not delivered the order and customer care not at all picking the call.
My Order id: #80213246130
Guys please don't trust this site very fraud site.

worst service

Feb 14, 2018 by sachin

Most pathetic online delivery service
Most pathetic online delivery service i have ever received.They Deliberately busy out there customer care lines, Chat representatives dont give a damn. They just ruined it. Half of my order was not delivered, WORST quality cards not even worth 20 rs will be delivered while you bay 200 + money on it.

Disgusting Service

Dec 15, 2017 by Purba

The worst service provided. I paid for pink roses but on the day of delivery when I asked them , they stated " We dont have pink roses , we will deliver Unfresh flowers if you want " How disgusting was this. Its 3:10 pm now and nothing is delivered yet.It was my mother's birthday and they ruined it.
I dont know if they will deliver it or not!
No information yet . they dont even have the courtesy to inform me .
Worst online site for flowers I regret my choice.

Worst Online Service

Dec 13, 2017 by Karthik


I made a order and below is the feedback for that. Booking ID: 71212215086

Everything about Winni was good until the delivery person called me. Ur product was good, ease to order a product and everything was good but everything was ruined by your "So called" customer service and Delivery unit. One of most annoying and worst delivery unit and person i came across in my life.

1) Am from Chennai and I made a order in Bangalore to my Girlfriend as a surprise and u guys surprised me while delivering the cake. I can provide only the Address and Landmark of the recipient. Delivery person is called me like N number of times and irritated me to the core for more information and exact "PATH WAY" to reach the destination.
I have a doubt, Am i local to Bangalore or the delivery person. You are the guys who's providing services all over India, you guys should know the location and deliver the Product, not the other way around.

2) The delivery person is so so so so rude and he is making his own decision. I made the booking and specifically chose 11 - 11:59 slot and made a note in website while booking that I need the cake to be delivered only after 11:50. I was very very specific about that. Delivery person called me and he mentioned causally that he has other orders to deliver and it's mid night, so he will drop the cake at 11 PM.
Am I a "CRACK HEAD" to make a booking in WINNI to deliver a cake at 11:50. I can ask any of my frds or any other local normal services to to do that.
I was keep on mentioning to him that recipient is not in home. She will be at home only at 11: 30, but he doesn't want to hear me out. He just want to deliver at 11 and go. And clearly mentioned, he has his personal life to take care., Did i ask him to be a delivery boy.

3) Customer Care - At least you have to improve your customer service. After all the fuzz from delivery unit, I tried calling 8971272132 this number and told him about everything happened. He told clearly that he will try to make the delivery after 11: 30 at first. Nothing changed, Again delivery person called me and told he can deliver only at 11 and killing me for address and location to go (Am I a google service)., I called the Customer service again and i don't no what happened, he said, that delivery will done at 11,. I was so damm pissed after all the drama made by you guys.

4) This is was the total buzz kill and this made me to hate WINNI the most and never want to book again, because of one person. He made her (my GF) to come to out to his place (Where ever he was waiting) at night 11: 20, and she guided him to her place and finally he ruined the B'day which i planned for days and delivered your stupid Cake after all the drama he made. If something happened to her at night, will you guys take responsibility?. This is was so horrible experience which we will occur. B'day went from Happy occasion to disaster. Please train your deliver guys and improve on your mistakes, this should not happen to another person again.

Worst service ever!

Nov 20, 2017 by Esha Arora

The worst customer service ever!The cake I received was not fresh and didn't look like anything in the picture.I made the order around 2pm today and received the cake at 3pm. You can imagine how "Fresh" the cake must be.The customer care is highly unprofessional. Can you imagine a customer care representative saying F* you and disconnecting the call. Well yeah! If you are calling their customer service, Be ready for that.I am truly disappointed in your services and the cake I received. I am surely going to advise everyone I know to never use your website to order anything.

Pathetic service by Winni

Oct 26, 2017 by Yashwardhan Singh

I ordered a black current cake + bouquet for midnight delivery. At 11:00PM I called up the customer care to check if the delivery is happening or not. So that I could have arranged for an alternative if there were any problems. The customer service executive said that it was out for delivery and there are no issues. 10 minutes before midnight, I get a pre-default text stating the cake was damaged and delivery will get delayed by 3 hours. It was finally delivered next day after noon. This is after they took Rs.250 extra for midnight delivery.

It doesn't end here. These people have no regard for your choice of cakes also. After hours of searching I finally selected a beautiful looking black current cake and the delivered a simple chocolate cake without having the courtesy to inform me!! What a pathetic service.

I never should have ordered from this site. Ruined the day completely!!

Indian Florists Companies Reviews Shimla , 173027 India 1.0 1.0 47 47 ONE OF THE WORST SERVICES EVER EXPERIENCED!!!!! Ordered for 12 Roses in a box with a Silk Chocolate and delivery was promised on 14th of Feb 2020, And Delivery was done on 17th Of