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Hello Readers, We dont have any personal experience with this company. We hear about this company and one of their customer asked us to write about them.

Recognized as being one of the finest flower shops in India, our Customer Service team is standing by to help you with any order. Whether you are sending a dozen roses to celebrate your love or a gift basket to congratulate a co-worker – if you have questions call us at 91 9930006747 / 9930006743 or email us at [email protected] & we will help you find the perfect flowers in India or gift to celebrate life’s most meaningful moments.

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BAD - Worse - Pathetic - Waste

Oct 18, 2018 by Moiz

Worst ever experience of ordering a cake and flowers online, bad customer service, bad management, worst experience.

Do not order from here and ruin your mood.

Shit service, irresponsible and cheaky ppl

Jul 17, 2018 by Ashish kumar

I order flowers for one of my friends through flowers n fruits in Hyderabad.. But what horrible service, they sent flowers at night time. I had called them so many times but fcking check cyst. Service rep did not answer my call coz I would have screwed him on call.. Don't use flowers n fruits.. Shut service

Jul 10, 2018 by Sanjeev Tiwari

Fraud, totally fraud. Irresponsible. No business conduct. All please be aware, not to do any shopping with fnf.
Pathetic service.

Jun 15, 2018 by ARYA P

highly irresponsible >Not even having the basic code of conduct to inform the customer that the item will not be delivered to the destination.

www.flowersnfruits.com/ is a FRAUD company !!!

Apr 13, 2018 by Ajit V

I was always using FERNS N PETELS for sending flowers and cake and this time I thought of exploring some more options as I wanted to send cake n flowers to my parents on their wedding adversary and I came across this FRAUD company by the name of FLOWERS N FRUIT I purchased a package consisting of flowers n cake which costed me Rs.1349 at 12.29 pm by paying them online through my savings account and after making a online payment I was under a impression that within couple of hours the parcel will be delivered but when I called them at around 4.30 to check the status at delivery I was shocked to know that the person from FLOWERS N FRUIT informed me that they have not received the payment and then he told me that at times it happens that you make a payment and it doesn’t gets credited in the account so the transactions returns to the account from which you have made a payment. He requested me to make the payment again so that he can do the delivery ASAP, after which I again went on their website www.flowersnfruits.com/ started the process of purchasing the package again and at the same time I got a call from flowersnfruits.com and a sales representative and he told me that he had a word with the vendor who is going to delivery and he is ready to deliver the order in 2 hour’s time and that will only happen if you again make the payment right away to which I did and the transaction got completed. I again called on the same number 9930006743 to inform him about the payment which again I have done and to my surprise the sales representative tells me that he has not received the payment because in his system it shows the transaction has failed because of which they cant process my order to which I also shared my bank statement with him but the reply what I got from them was ‘You will have to wait for 24 to 48 hours once we get the payment confirmation only then they can process the request, I requested them to please process the order as today is my parents anniversary but very rudely he replied me NO ITS NOT POSSIBLE we will not do the needful\. After hearing this I then realised that I have been conned by www.flowersnfruits.com/ as it is a fraud company, Whoever is reading this I am requesting you don’t purchase anything from this fraud company or else you will surely miss the opportunity of sending flowers to your loved once because it will never be delivered and if you still want to do it so be prepared to be the next victim of this fraud company www.flowersnfruits.com/


Mar 06, 2018 by Kunal

Pathetic Service.. The customer care guys even lie on your face. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE SERVICE

Quality is really bad

Dec 01, 2017 by Johnson

I have ordered for flowers, teddy and cake. Quality of cake and teddy is really bad.In the web site it was published different one and the delivered quality is really bad. I strongly suggest not to go this again.

Very Poor Service, unreliable delivery and Cheaters.

Jul 20, 2016 by Deepak Bansal

Sender was notified that gift has been delivered to recipient though it was not. Calling the delivery boy for details multiple times ended up in that they start cutting the calls. Reason - they didn't delivered to anyone but was faking and making fool of customers.
On asking for refund was told that they can't as their delivery boy went from Ghaziabad to Noida ultimately delivering to some hypothetical person...basically I was told that he waited at 5 PM (probably after couple of call were made) though scheduled time was maximum of 4 PM. Pls note based on scheduled time - recipient tried calling multiple times but no answer. Don't know whr this kind of gift delivery is done whr recipient have to call and that even no proper response.

Spoilt the moment altogether. PLS don't user their services.


Feb 15, 2016 by Jan Aldrich Dorado

I ordered just a bouquet of Pink Carnation flowers to be delivered on Valentine's day, placed the call one day prior, The support person named 'Rafi Muhammad', who attended my initial call, he was very professional and attentive to my details via email then promised to deliver the flower on the said time. After the payment was made, I got all the order confirmation, tracking order # etc etc..., the next day, I had to call him several times to confirm the status but I only got one reply via email to confirm the flower was delivered but never made it to my loved one and so UNPROFESSIONAL for not returning back my calls!!! Never again will order on this website!! (flowersnfruits.au), Order number (OFU1455350915), 1 Bouquet worth 250 Dirhams of SH*T!!!

Bad experience with Flowers n Fruits

Feb 16, 2015 by Mangala

I had ordered a Bouquet of Red Roses (12 pc) and Box of Ferror Roucher (16 pc) on Valentines day and they ended up just sending a bouquet of chocolates without any flowers. The order payment was for flowers which was not delivered at all. This is really cheap as they spoilt the occasion for us..!!! Never going to use or recommend this site to anyone (Order # FNF1412341 )

Indian Florists Companies Reviews Shimla , 173027 India 1.1 3.0 28 28 Worst ever experience of ordering a cake and flowers online, bad customer service, bad management, worst experience.Do not order from here and ruin your mood.

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  1. The worst service I have ever received. The flowers were horrible, and nothing like the photograph on the website. Also the customer service is beyond rude and unreasonable. The lady at customer service had the NERVE to tell me to take my business elsewhere if I wanted to get expensive ugly flowers. And when I sent them a photo of the delivered flowers, the manager said “The flowers quality is perfectly fine and the issue is in the manner the photograph has been taken.” Total waste of time.